Happy Halloweenie!

We had such a great time celebrating Halloween this year! Tom loved every minute of it! He went to the pumpkin patch with my moms group, went on his first hay ride and dressed up as a banana for trunk or treat at the church!


Two Months Down

I still can't believe how fast time is flying by! Tom is a little over 2 months and it is almost breaking my heart how quickly he is growing up! He has been such a joy and blessing to have in our lives and each day brings a smile to our faces!

Tom had his 2 month check up and his 2 month vaccinations consisting of 3 shots in his little legs and one oral vaccine, which was pretty tough on mom. He was very brave and handled them well...I was surprised! He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight and is growing right on track. He weighs 11lbs, 10oz. and is 23 inches long. He is wearing size 3 months clothes...growing and changing everyday! Speaking of changes.....he also has a new nickname. We decided we can't call him by his utero name anymore which was Tron....Now he is our little Tater! Love me some Tater!

Tom has hit a few milestones which have been so neat to witness. He loves to smile and is trying to talk to us, which is adorable. Austin talks to Tom and says "Oh yeah" and always gets a smile and giggle from him. He is getting pretty good at holding his head up on his own and he is very observant of everything around him. He is also starting to grab objects and is holding on for dear life....like mommy's hair! Ouch! He loves to chew on his hands....hope he is not teething already...and he has become a drooling machine. I will probably keep him in a bib for life or atleast until his drooling is under control...j/k. He is sleeping better as far as not getting his days and nights mixed up, but is still waking up every 3 - 3.5 hours to eat. He is eating anywhere from 3.5- 5 oz of milk at each feeding.

Tom has been really great when it comes to running errands. He loves to change his environment and get out of the house. He has been just about everywhere with me...and luckily he is a great shopping buddy as he just sleeps through it all! He has been on many play dates this past month with all his new friends! We are still waiting for a few of his friends to make their debut. We had so many of our friends become pregnant at the same time....i think we counted 12 new babies!! Here is a little Tater montage of a few recent pics.


Sometimes I wish I had the time, passion and skill set to make my blog look more professional or look like I took the time to do something with it other than just give my family and friends updates and pictures. I attended a junior league meeting last night and the guest speaker was Rebecca Sherman, who is an accomplished free lance writer, and helped to launch publications like, Paper City, Luxe Magazine, and was the Editor and Chief of D Home Magazine. She really inspired me to put more effort into my blog. Now whether I will have the time and energy to follow through with updating and redesigning it is another thing. I think I was more inspired by what she blogs about (interior design) vs. the design of her blog. If you like interior design you should definitely check out her blog.


I also found this blog through a friend of a friend and I have really enjoyed reading it! It incorporates interior design and high fashion.



1 Month!!

It is hard to believe that we have a 1 month old. Time is really flying by! Tom is growing and changing right before our very eyes. He really is the sweetest baby. We have had a very busy month of traveling to Austin to visit our families and introducing them to Tom. Tom has loved all the attention from his aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

Right now Tom is eating every 3 - 4 hours, which is ok with me since he is becoming more predictable. We can usually figure out what he needs depending on the time of day. He loves tummy time and loves to observe everything. I don't think anything gets by this guy. He hates to have a dirty diaper ( i mean the wheels come off when this happens). He just started smiling at us on purpose which has been amazing! He really likes to do FaceTime with his Aunt Julie, Grandmom Lynn and Granddaddy. He can actually see them when they talk to him. It is pretty cool!

1 Month Stats:

Height - 22 inches (55th percentile)
Weight - 9lbs 11.5 oz (50th percentile)
Head - 39 (95th percentile)


He's Here!

Well, he has been here for almost two weeks but I am just now getting around to blog about him due to lack of sleep and being a new mom. We welcomed Thomas Hall Trantham on August 3rd at 11:25pm. We are so thrilled to get to know this little guy and are excited that we have entered the world of parenting. Here we go!!! Tom really is the sweetest baby ever! He sleeps all day and is pulling all nighters, but we know a routine will come with time.

Proud Papa!

Going home outfit. He looks like a little Dutch Boy! Ha!

Bath Time! I know it doesnt look like it here, but he loves his Tummy Tub!

Meeting Miss Camryn Rose Louise Capps for the first time!

Our AC went out this past week and we got to have a sleep over at our good friends, The Deweys, who have a newborn as well! Tom and Brynn Leigh Dewey had their first sleep over!!

We also had our first road trip to Great Grandmom's house in Weatherford while our AC was being fixed! Tom got to meet his 2nd cousin Cait!

We are having so much fun with Tom and can't imagine what life would be like without him!


Up All Night

Austin and I cannot wait to watch this show in the fall! Hopefully we will find humor in it all....



Ready to pop...

We went to the doctor and got to see Baby T. He weighs 7lbs 3oz. I am loving this technology! I cant tell who he looks like but he is a little chunk! And dont mind that piece of placenta in the way....